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Ram Ghat @ Chitrakoot (Madhya Pradesh)


Chitrakut @ Uttar Pradesh

Ram Ghat @ Chitrakoot :

Chitrakoot is a small town in the Satna districts in Madhya Pradesh (India). It is a place of religious, cultural, historical, and archaeological importance. It is situated in the Bundelkhand region at the bank of the river Mandakini. As per Ramayan, Lord Rama stayed there for 11 years during his Vanawasa (stay at forest). 

Chitrakoot visit Timing:  Any time.

Best time to visit: All time. During the summer it's very hot.

Entry Fees: No
Chitrakoot Address:
Chitrakut, Satna District, Madhya Pradesh, India

Special occasion:
As this place is associated with Lord Rama, every day special programs will be in place. During Rama's birthday (Ramnavmi) there will be more crowded.

Places to visit in Chitrakoot:
1. Ram ghat.
2. Kamadgiri temple
3. Hanuman dhara temple
4. Gupt Godavari cave
5. Kamta ji temple
6. Sati Ansuia temple
7. Janki Kund
8. Bharat Milap temple
9. Bharat Koop

Parking Places: As it is a very small city, parking is available on the roadside. 
How to reach Chitrakoot: 

By Air: The nearest airports are Prayag (135 km from Chitrakoot), Khajuraho( 175 km), and Varanasi (275 km). These airports have daily flight services to Delhi and other Indian cities.

By Train: Karvi is the nearest railway station and it is 8km away from Chitrakoot. The second nearest station is Chitrakoot Dham. The station lies on the Jhansi-Manikpur mainline and is well connected to all prominent Indian cities. You can also get down at Manikpur Junction, which is 35 km away from Chitrakoot, or at Satna Junction, which is 75 km away.

By Road: State-owned buses are available from Prayag, Banda, Kanpur, Satna, and Jhansi to reach Chitrakoot. One can also take a taxi from Delhi airport to Chitrakoot.

Private Taxis: The availability of a private taxi or transportation is very good there.

Accommodation in Chitrakoot: 
In the city, lots of various range hotels are available on a rental basis. Lots of Dharmshalas are available with free accommodation.

Food & Restaurant in Chitrakoot:
Lots of vegetarian restaurants are available in the city. You can find South Indian and North Indian food at a reasonable price. Local foods are tasty. Cleanliness is lacking there which requires special attention. 

Few Photos:

Date of Visit: 07 May 2019