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Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka)


Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka) By Drifter Baba

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur:

The "Manjarabad Fort" was built by Tipu Sultan, then ruler of Mysore. He built this fort in 1792 with the help of a French military Architect. Its construction looks like a star having 8 sides in it. This star construction is only visible from the top of the Fort.  In the middle of the Fort, there is a star-shaped pond. It is made using big granites and its structure really looks grand.

It is located near Sakleshpur which comes under Hassan district in Karnataka (India). It is on the route between Sakleshpur Mangalore highway. 

There is an interesting story about the naming of this Fort. On the completion of the Fort, when Tipu Sultan visited for inspection, there were huge fogs around it and he decided to name the fort to Manjarabad. In Kanada, Fog is called "Manju". The word "Manju" was distorted and used as Manjarabad.

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations near Sakleshpur but it is not maintained properly and lots of bushes and grass have come across it.  No security guard on the top and people do what they want which is bad.

It is an ideal place for a day-long visit. Please visit the place and feel it.

Temple visiting Timing:  08.30 AM to 05.30 PM (Everyday) 

Best time to visit: All time. 

Entry Fees:  Yes. Rs. 5.00 for Indian National and Rs. 100.00 for Foreign National.

Manjarabad Fort Address:
Manjarabad Fort
Sakleshpur, Karnataka 573134  (INDIA)

Special occasion:
No special occasion. You will find more visitors during Weekends, Holidays, and Tipu Jayanti.

Places to visit in & around Sakleshpur:
  • Manjarabad Fort
  • Sakleshwara Temple
  • Temple of Halebid and Belur
  • Kukke Subramanya Temple
  • Betta Byraveshwara Temple
  • Hemavathi Reservoir
  • Bisle View Point
  • Hadlu Waterfall
  • Shettihalli Rosary Church

Parking Places: There is no dedicated parking but you can park on the roadside. Local authorities collect a minimal fee for parking.

How to reach  Manjarabad Fort: 

Indian Rail: The nearest railway station is Sakleshpur which is 7 km from the Fort. It is on the Bangalore Mangalore route and few trains run on it. Regular autos and taxis are available from the railway station which can be used to reach the Fort.
Buses: The nearest bus station is in Sakleshpur. Regular buses are available from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, etc. Many tour packages are available from Bangalore, Mysore, and different cities.
Airport: The nearest airport is Mangalore airport which is 129 km from the Fort. The airport is well connected with Bangalore and other Indian cities. You can also use Bangalore Internation Airport which is around 250km away. 
Private Taxis: Availability of private taxis, Autos are very good. Traveling through cabs are real fun there due to its greenery and mountain area.  

Distance from Major Cities
  • Shakleshpur: 5 km
  • Bangalore:  227 km     
  • Tirupati: 473 km
  • Mangalore: 129 km
  • Hasaan: 45 km 
  • Mysore: 333 km
  • Hubli: 364 km 
  • Kochi: 316 km

Accommodation near Manjarabad Fort: 
You will find lots of hotels or lodges in Shakleshpur which is 5 km away from the Fort. As this region is a tourist spot, you will find a different range of accommodation including homestay and all.

Food & Restaurant near Manjarabad Fort:
As this is a famous tourist place, lots of restaurants are available near the Fort. It is on the hilltop and you will not find anything to eat there so you have to carry your food accordingly. 

Few Photos:

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka) By Drifter Baba

M A N J A R A B A D    F O R T    S I G N    B O R D

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka)
M A N J A R A B A D     F O R T    T O P    V I E W  F R O M  W E B

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka) By Drifter Baba
M A N J A R A B A D    F O R T     M A I N     E N T R Y

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka) By Drifter Baba

M A N J A R A B A D    F O R T     T O P     V I E W

Manjarabad Fort @ Sakleshpur (Karnataka) By Drifter Baba

W A Y    T O    M A N J A R A B A D    F O R T

Visit Date: 30 Jul 2018