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Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khuldabad (Maharashtra)


Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple: 

This temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya (Hanuman Ji or Bajrang Bali). Its main attraction is its sleeping posture. In India, only three places Anjaneya is being worshiped in sleeping position. The second one is in Prayag Raj near Sangam (Uttar Pradesh) and the third temple is in Jam Sawali (Madhya Pradesh). 

In earlier days, Khuldabad was known as Bhadravati where a  king named Bhadrasena used to rule there. He was a devotee of Lord Rama and used to sing for him. One day while he was singing, Lord Hanuman was also present and he got mesmerized by his song and maintained Bhawa Samadhi (Sleeping posture). After noticing this, King requested Lord Hanuman to be there forever and from that day, Lord Hanuman is being worshiped in this posture.

This is one of the famous tourist destinations near Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple  Timing:  

09:00 AM to 09:00 AM - Every Day (24 Hrs)

Best time to visit: All time. During the summer, it's very hot.


Entry Fees:  No



Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple 

Khuldabad Rd, Khuldabad, Maharashtra 431101 (INDIA)


Special occasion:

Devotees visit in large number every day but you will find more crowds on below days

  • Saturday and Tuesday
  • Shravana Masa
  • Hanuman Jayanti
  • Ram Navami. 

Places to visit near Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple:

  • Shree Ghrineshwar Jyotirlinga
  • Daulatabad Fort
  • Tomb of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb 
  • Ahalya bai holkar Talab (Pond)
  • Bani Begum Lake
  • Government botanical garden

Parking Places: Huge parking place is available near the temple. In a certain place, they charge for parking but in some places, it is free. I prefer to pay and park as it gives safety to vehicles. 

How to reach Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple: 

By Air: The nearest airport is in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) which is around 30 km from the temple. You can hire taxis from there or you can take public transport from Aurangabad to reach the temple.

By Rail: The main railway station is in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) which is 25 km from the Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple. It is well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch buses or private taxis from Aurangabad to reach here.

Buses: The nearest main bus stand is in Aurangabad. You can find multiple buses from different places like Mumbai, Pune, Shirdi, Nashik, etc. 

Private Taxis/ Autos: You will not find Taxis or Autos very easily there. Better to reserve it either from Ellora or Aurangabad and use it during your tour. 


Distance from nearby cities

  • Mumbai: 342 km
  • Pune: 257 km
  • Aurangabad:  25 km 
  • Ellora: 3 km    
  • Kolhapur: 486 km
  • Satara: 365 km
  • Shirdi: 103 km 
  • Nashik: 175 km
  • Bangalore: 959 km


Accommodation near Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple: 

You will not find accommodation near the temple. You will find many lodges or hotels in Ellora which is around 6 km from the temple. You can also find many hotels in Aurangabad which is around 22 km.


Food & Restaurant near Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple:

Near the temple, there is no proper restaurant but few eateries are there where you can get some snacks. You will find a few restaurants in Ellora which are around 6 km from the temple. 


Few Photos:

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Shri Bhadra Maruti Temple @ Khultabad (Maharashtra)

Visit Date: 08 May 2017



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