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Yercaud Hill Station @Tamil Nadu

Yercaud Lake @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba


Yercaud Hill Station:

Yercaud Hill station is a famous hill station which is 30 km from Salem (one of the major cities in Tamil Nadu). 

In the center of the city, there is a big lake called Yercaud Lake which has boating facilities. You can use the facility by paying the prescribed charges.  Close to that, there is a place called "lady seating" and "Karadiyoor View Point" from where you can have a pleasant natural view. As the number of visitors is quite good, they have also installed a telescope to have an even better view.

Kurumbapatty Zoological park is also another attraction in Yercaud which is a very big and clean park. It is covered will verities of flowers and very old and big trees. Worth being there.

You will also enjoy the Orange garden and Coffee plants which are well known in that area. There is a small shopping center where you can purchase your favorite items. 

People are very friendly there and I am sure you will have a nice time. So please visit and explore your thought.

Yercaud visiting Timing:  24 Hrs. (By 10 PM everything will be closed avoid visiting after 10 PM if your accommodation is not booked in advance. 

Best time to visit: All time. During the summer it's very nice in the evening. Day time it is hot.

Entry Fees: No, You have to pay Rs. 10 for adults and Rs. 5 for children if you want to visit Kurumbapatty Zoological park.

Yercaud Address:
Salem, Tamil Nadu (INDIA)

Special occasion:
Every day thousands of visitors visit there but you will find huge crowed during weekends and holidays. 

Places to visit in Yercaud:
  • Yercaud Lake
  • Kurumbapatty Zoological park
  • Karadiyoor View Point
  • Kiliyur Falls
  • Lady Seat
  • Gents Seat
  • Shevaroy Temple

Parking Places: Huge parking place is available in Yercaud near the lake. In some places, you have to pay minimal charges for parking.

How to reach Yercaud: 

Indian Rail: Salem Junction is the nearest railway station which is 30 km from Yercaud. Selem is one of the biggest cities in Tamil Nadu and multiple trains run there from different parts of India. 
Buses: The nearest bus station is the Yercaud bus stand. Buses from different cities come there but the frequency is not so good. Better to first come to Salem and take a bus or Taxi to reach Yercaud as the connectivity from Salem to Yercaud is very good. 
Airport: The nearest airport is Salem Airport which is 30 km from Yercaud. You can hire a taxi from the airport to Yercaud as the Taxi service is really good.

Private Taxis: The availability of a private taxi or transportation is very good there being a famous tourist destination.

Distance from nearby major cities
Salem: 30 km
Chennai: 366 km
Bangalore: 205 km
Mysore: 258 km
Kanyakumari: 496 km
Thiruvananthapuram: 515 km

Accommodation in Yercaud: 
You will find so many hotels and lodges there. I feel they are a little expensive but ok for a day or 2. They have maintained hotels in a very nice way. They are even more expensive during weekends and holidays.

Food & Restaurant in Yercaud:
Yercaud is one of the famous hill stations in Tamil Nadu and so many tourists visit every day. You will find different types of restaurants at a different price range. Local food is very tasty there especially varieties of chutney (unlimited).

Few Photos:

Kurumbapatty Zoological park - Yercaud @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Kurumbapatty Zoological park - Yercaud @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Kurumbapatty Zoological park - Yercaud @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Lady Seat - Yercaud @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Karadiyoor View Point - Yercaud  @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Coffee farming in Yercaud   @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Coffee farming in Yercaud   @Tamil Nadu By Drifter Baba

Visit Date: 24 Oct 2015