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Maa Satyachandi Peeth @ Aurangabad (Bihar)

Maa Satyachandi Peeth @ Aurangabad (Bihar) by Drifter Baba

Maa Satyachandi Peeth :

Maa Satyachandi Peeth is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Chandi (Durga). It is a Siddha peeth and a very powerful goddess. It is situated in the village called Raipura at the bank of river Batane. It is just 5 km from the district headquarters Aurangabad, Bihar (India).  It is surrounded by hills and beautiful greneries around it. Durring rainy season, near by places looks very beautiful.

There is a beliefe that keep your wish in your mind and hang a bell in the nearby tree dedicated for hanging the bell and you have to take it back once your wish is fulfilled. 

The government needs to give more attention to develop this place as a tourist hub.    

Visiting Timing:  06: AM to 11:30 AM & 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. (During special occasions, it will be open for a longer duration. 

Best time to visit: All time. During the summer it's very hot.

Entry Fees:  No entry fee. 
Satyachandi, Raipura, Aurangabad, Bihar (India)

Special occasion:
Being a Siddh Peeth, Everyday many people visit there to take blessings from maa Chandi. Below is the occasion when you will find it more crowded.
- Navaratra
- Makar Sankranti
- Every Weekends
- Holidays
- During eclipse

Places to visit near Aurangabad (Bihar):
  • Dev Surya Mandir
  • Satyachandi temple
  • Hanuman Mandir in Aurangabad 
  • Deo Kund 
  • Umga temple
  • Amjhar Sharif
  • Piru
  • Siris
Parking Places: Huge parking place is available at the site. There are no parking charges.

How to reach  Aurangabad: 

Indian Rail: The nearest railway station is Anugrah Narayan Road which is 13 km from Aurangabad. This railway station is on the route between Kolkatta to Delhi and lots of trains are available from different Indian cities. Regular autos and taxis are available at the railway stations.
Buses: The nearest bus station is in Aurangabad (Bihar) which is 5 km from the destination place. Regular buses are available from different cities like Patna, Ranchi, Varanashi, Kolkatta, etc. 
Airport: The nearest airport is Gaya International airport which is 81 km from Aurangabad. The airport is well connected with different cities in India. 
Private Taxis: Availability of private taxis, Autos are very good at Aurangabad (Bihar). 

Distance from Major Cities
  • Aurangabad: 05 km
  • Patna:  143 km     
  • Ranchi: 257 km
  • Varanashi: 171 km
  • Rajgir: 147 km 
  • Kolkatta: 514 km
  • Gaya: 86 km

Accommodation Maa Satyachandi Peeth : 
No accommodation. You can find accommodation in Aurangabad (Bihar) which is a district town at a distance of around 4 km.

Food & Restaurant near Maa Satyachandi Peeth :
This place is situated in a village and there is no specific restaurant available for tourists. Very small shops with snacks are available in the village and not near the site.  You can find good restaurants in Aurangabad.

Few Photos:

Maa Satyachandi Peeth @ Aurangabad (Bihar) by Drifter Baba

Maa Satyachandi Peeth @ Aurangabad (Bihar) by Drifter Baba

Maa Satyachandi Peeth @ Aurangabad (Bihar) by Drifter Baba


Visit Date:  01 Jan 2015