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Goteborg University @ Gothenburg (Sweden)



Gothenburg University @ Gothenburg (Sweden) by drifter baba

Goteborg University @ Gothenburg (Sweden):

Goteborg University also known as Gothenburg University is situated in Gothenburg the second largest city in Sweden. 

It is the third oldest university (Started in 1891) in Sweden with a capacity of 37000 students and 6000 staff members. Courses offered by the university are Creative Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Education, Information Technology, Business, Economics and Law, and Health Sciences.

Students from across the globe study there and many students get settled there as Gothenburg is one of the beautiful places in Sweden.

Visiting Timing:  

08 AM to 04:30 PM

Best time to visit: All time. 

Entry Fees:  

Goteborg University
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Special occasion:
A new year and Graduation day are very special occasions there. 

Places to visit:
  • Liseberg
  • Universeum
  • Archipelago of Gothenburg
  • Slottsskogen
  • Gothenburg Museum of Art

Parking Places: Finding parking places in Sweden is not at all an issue. You will find huge parking places everywhere.

How to reach : 

University is well connected by bus route and train route. The frequency of trains and buses is very good. Public transport in Sweden is really good.  

Private Taxis: The availability of private taxis is good but you have to book it through their apps. 

Accommodation : 
Within 1 km you will find good accommodation near the university. Finding accommodation is not an issue there.

Food & Restaurant :
You will find many restaurants near University. The pizzeria is one of the good options there.

Few Photos:

Gothenburg University @ Gothenburg (Sweden) by drifter baba

Gothenburg University @ Gothenburg (Sweden) by drifter baba

Visit Date:  14 Apr 2011