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Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA)


Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA) by drifter baba

Mbeya City (AFRICA): 

Mbeya is a small city in Southwest Tanzania (East Africa). It is a small city with around 275,000 people. The city is filled with lakes and greenery with dark and old trees.

Morning is really good there as you will get up with birds melody sound. The people there are very calm and friendly. Their culture is very much similar to Indian culture and they mingle with other people with love and affection.

Reaching there is a little challenge as roads are single and take much travel time. Connectivity through the air is limited. But overall you will enjoy it.

If you want to see nature, Africa is the best and Tanzania is one among them with very friendly and peace loving people.

Visiting Timing:  

24 Hrs

Best time to visit: All time. During summer, it is a bit hot.

Entry Fees:  NA

Southwest Tanzania, East Africa

Special occasion:

No such special occasion but during the new year you will find more tourists there. 

Places to visit in & around  Mbeya:
  • Lake Ngozi
  • Ngosi Crater Lake
  • Loleza Mountain
  • Mount Mbeya
  • Mbeya IFISI ZOO
  • Mbeya Range

Parking Places: Mbeya city is a very small city will less population. You will find open spaces for parking everywhere. 

How to reach : 

Airport: The nearest airport is in Mbeya. It is a very small airport and a few small plains operate from there. It looks like a ply ground and just a small building where all travel-related formalities happen. 

Rail: The nearest railway station is in Mbeya (TanZam Railway station) which is well connected with the major Railway station in Tanzania. 

Buses: The nearest bus station is in Mbeya which is well connected with major nearby cities.   
Private Taxis: The availability of private taxis is very good there and you can hire them for local travel needs. 

Distance from Major nearby Cities
  • Dar es Salaam: 812 km
  • Mwanza: 918 km
  • Dodoma: 593 km
  • Moshi Urban: 1017 km
  • Tanga: 753 km
  • Morogoro: 629 km
  • Kigoma: 858 km
  • Tabora: 584 km
  • Mtwara: 1100 km

Many hotels are available in the city. Hotel prices are quite reasonable.

Food & Restaurant :
You will find many restaurants in the city. Many Indians stay there in fact there is an Indian colony so it's easy to find Indian restaurants as well.

Few Photos:

Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA) by drifter baba

Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA) by drifter baba

Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA) by drifter baba

Mbeya Trip @ Tanzaniya (AFRICA) by drifter baba

Visit Date:  02 Jul 2012