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Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA)


Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Mikumi National Park : 

Mikumi National Park is the fourth largest National Park in Tanzania (East Africa) spread in an area of 3,230 km2. It is located near a small town called Mikumi which comes under Morogoro Region. 

It was established in 1964. Highway A7 cross from the Tanzania National Park. The baobab tree is an iconic tree available in Africa. 

You are not allowed to come out from your vehicle while being inside the National Park but have seen many tourists coming out from their vehicle and security guards were helpless. It was really bad.

This is one of the very famous tourist destinations in Tanzania covers by trees and only trees across everywhere. A nice place for a day-long holiday. 


Visiting Timing:  

07:00 AM to 06:00 PM 

Best time to visit: All time. During summer, it is a bit hot.

Entry Fees:  

$20 / Person for 24 Hrs. Once you are out from the gate, you can't go again on the same ticket. You have to bye again. If you want to use their safari vehicle, you have to pay additional charges.

Mikumi National Park
A7, Mikumi, Morogoro Region, Tanzania, East Africa

Special occasion:

No such special occasion but during the new year, you will find more tourists there. 

Places to visit in & around  Mikumi National Park:
  • Nyerere National Park
  • Kinole Waterfall
  • Bondwa Peak

Parking Places: There is very big parking available at the main gate of National Park. 

How to reach : 

Airport: The nearest airport is in Iringa which is 151 km from the national park. You can hire taxis to reach the National Park. 

Rail: The nearest railway station is in Kidodi (Tanzania) which is 42 km. You can hire taxis from there to reach the national park.

Buses: The nearest bus station is in Mikumi. You can hire local taxies to reach the National Park.
Private Taxis: The availability of private taxis is not good near the national park. You need to hire it from Mikumi for your entire travel. 

Distance from Major nearby Cities
  • Dar es Salaam: 304 km
  • Mwanza: 1063 km
  • Dodoma: 379 km
  • Moshi Urban: 660 km
  • Tanga: 450 km
  • Morogoro: 118 km
  • Kigoma: 1175 km
  • Tabora: 760 km
  • Mtwara: 862 km
  • Mikumi: 10 Km

There is no accommodation near the National Park. The nearest city is Mikumi which is around 10 km. You will find few hotels in Mikumi.

Food & Restaurant :
There is no Restaurant near Mikumi National Park. You need to carry your snacks /food from outside. You will find few restaurants in Mikumi.
Few Photos:

Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Mikumi National Park @ Tanzania (AFRICA) by Drifter Baba

Visit Date:  02 Jul 2012