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A trip around the city Douala @ Cameroon (Central Africa)


The Douala @ Cameroon (Central Africa)

Douala is the largest city in Cameroon, also known as its economic capital. It also has one of the biggest ports and business centers in central Africa.

It is one of the best tourist destinations in central Africa which offers many things for its visitors. Below are some of the attraction which you can enjoy there

  • Best place for trekking lovers.
  • Many national parks around it to visit.
  • Nice beaches close to it.
  • Wildlife centers
  • National Museum
  • Waterfalls
  • Shopping
  • Good restaurants and many more.

The best place for a week's holiday. Please visit the place and feel it.


Timing: It's open 24hrs 

Best time to visit: All time.


Entry Fees / Charges:  No




Cameroon (Central Africa)


Special occasion:

No such special occasion but you will find more tourists during the below days. 

  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • December & January

Places to visit in and Around:

  • Douala Art
  • Maritime Museum of Douala
  • La Nouvelle Liberte
  • Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Bonadibong
  • La Pagode
  • Limbe Beach

Parking Places: Finding parking in Cameroon is easy and you will find it everywhere. 

How to reach: 

By Air: The nearest airport is Douala International Airport. You will find many taxis outside the airport which can be used to reach the place. Taxi rates are quite reasonable.

By Rail: Douala is the hub of railways which is well connected with major cities in Cameroon. You will find many taxis outside the railway station which can be used to reach the place. Taxi rates are quite reasonable.

Buses: As Doula is the biggest city in Cameroon, it is well connected with other Cameroon cities. 

Private Taxis/ Car: The availability of Taxis is very good in Cameroon and also the people of Cameroon are very gentle. You can use Taxi services for local sites seen. 

Distance from major cities

  • Yaounde: 314 km
  • Douala: 0 km
  • Bamenda: 349 km
  • Bafoussam: 288 km 
  • Bangangte: 275 km
  • Bafut Palace: 386 km


Good accommodation with a different price range is common in Cameroon. You will find it easily. Price is quite reasonable. 


Food & Restaurant:

Finding food and restaurants in and around Douala is not tough. You will find good restaurants almost everywhere. Tasty food with a smile on its face is common in Cameroon.

Few Photos:

Visit Date:  15 Jun 2013