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Gothenburg @ Sweden



Volvo Headquarter Gothenburg (Sweden)

Gothenburg @ Sweden:

Gothenburg is a very beautiful and second-largest city in Sweden. It is also the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries. It is situated by the West coast of Sweden with major ports. 

It was founded in 1621 by king Gustavus Adolphus. The King called many German and Scottish people to the new city. 

Gothenburg is also home to many students from across the globe. It has many universities like the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Volvo was founded in Gothenburg in 1927. It is the home for other companies like IKEA, SKF, AstraZeneca, etc.

Football is also very famous in Gothenburg and they host the Gothia Cup, the world's largest youth football tournament. The Goteborg Basketball Festival is also Europe's largest youth basketball tournament. They also perform other largest annual events in Scandinavia. 

Visiting Timing:  


Best time to visit: All time. 

Entry Fees:  

Gothenburg (Sweden)

Special occasion:
It's a nice tourist destination and people visit there throughout the year. During December and January, you will find more visitors. 

Places to visit:
  • Liseberg
  • Universeum
  • Archipelago of Gothenburg
  • Slottsskogen
  • Gothenburg Museum of Art

Parking Places: Finding parking places in Sweden is not at all an issue. You will find huge parking places everywhere.


How to reach : 

By Flight: The nearest airport is Landvetter Airport which is 27 km from the center of Gothenburg. It is well connected with domestic and international flights from many domestic and important cities.

By Train: Gothenburg is well connected with other European cities like Stockholm, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Munich among others. They are mostly high-speed trains and provide services like Wi-Fi and breakfast for longer journeys in the First Class.

By Bus: Gothenburg is well connected with Bus services from different European countries. Germany-based FlexiBus operates plenty of busses from different places like Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Stockholm, Uppsala, and many other places.

By Ferry: Ferry service is also one of the important ways to reach Gothenburg. They operate from Germany & Denmark.

By Taxi: Taxi services are very good in Sweden. You can use it for smooth travel.  

Accommodation : 
You will find good accommodation everywhere. If you want to stay for a longer period, a service apartment is the best option.

Food & Restaurant :
You will find many restaurants in Gothenburg. The pizzeria is one of the good options there.

Few Photos:

Gothenburg @ Sweden by drifter baba

Gothenburg @ Sweden by drifter baba

Gothenburg @ Sweden by drifter baba

Gothenburg @ Sweden by drifter baba

Visit Date:  10 Apr 2011