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Chennakeshava Swamy Temple @ Belur (Karnataka)


चनाकेशवा स्वामी मंदिर , बेलूर ( कर्नाटक ) 

Chennakeshava Swamy Temple, Belur  :

Chennakeshava Swamy temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. The word Chennakeshava is the combination of two words 
  1. Chenna means good, beautiful in Kannada Language and 
  2. Keshava means Lord Vishnu. 
It is situated in a small city called Belur which is in Hasan district, Karnataka, India. Earlier days Belur was also known as Velapura and it was the capital city of Chola Dynesty. 

This temple was commissioned by King Vishnuvardhana in 1117 CE which took around 100 years to complete. Temple is made with black stone and carving on the stone is super. It can not be explained in words but you have to see to realize the wonder created by our ancestors. I have attached few photos which will give you and idea.

The temple complex has five temples and other structures 
  • Chennakeshva Swamy temple
  • Kappe Chennigaraya
  • Vira Narayana
  • Saumyanayaki
  • Ranganayaki
  • Vasudeva Sarovara
  • Granary
  • Deepa Stambha (Light pole)
  • Duaja Stambha (Flag pole)
  • Vuyyale Mandapa
  • Colonnades
  • Mandapas
You require minimum a day time so please visit the place to feel it. 

VisitingTiming: 07:30 AM to 07:30 PM Everyday

Best time to visit: All-time. 

Entry Fees:  No.
Chennakeshava Swamy Temple
Temple Rd, Belur, Hasan District, Karnataka 573115. (India)

Special occasion:
This is a very famous temple and thousands of people visit there every day. Below are some of the occasion while you expect more visitors.
  • Rathotsava
  • Navamahotsava
  • Ramnavami
  • Weekends
  • Holidays
Navamahotsava : Navamahotsava is the main function performed in the temple which continue for 9 days. Temple continues tradition of kicking off festival with Quran recitation.  Below are the main events performed during nine days festival.

Day 1  
  • Garuda Prathishte
  • Bhedithadana
  • Chandramandalothsava
Day 2
  • Suryamandalothsava
  • Ananthapeetarohanothsava
Day 3
  • Ananthapeetarohanothsava
  • Kanthuka Khelana
  • Hamsarohana
  • Belli mantapothsava
Day 4
  • Hamsarohana
  • Kalyanosthava
  • Pushpamantopothsava
  • Belli mantapothsava
  • Kanakondolikarothsava
  • Uyalleutsava
  • Pallaki Utsava
Day 5
  • Pushpamantopothsava
  • Hanumanthotsava
  • Prabhasametha Garudothsava
Day 6
  • Ratha Kalashasthapane
  • Garudothsava
Day 7
  • Rath Yatra
  • muslim cleric offers prayers from the Quran.
Day 8
  • Naada Rathothsava
  • Shantiostsava
  • Hanumanthotsava
  • Dholothsava
Day 9
  • Ashwarohana Pranayakala Sandhana
  • Avabrutha
  • Davana Mantapostsava
  • Sebikarohanotsava
  • Dwajarohana
  • Panimale

Places to visit nearby:
Kedareswara Temple.
  • Hoysaleswara Temple
  • Doddagaddavalli.
  • Yagachi Dam.
  • Halebidu.
  • Belavadi.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Ermai Waterfall.
Parking Places: There is huge parking place next to the temple. You have to pay for the parking Rs. 50 for 24 Hrs. 
How to reach : 

Indian Rail: The nearest railway station is in Chikmagalur (26 km) or Hasan (39 km). Railway stations are well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the temple.
Buses: The nearest main bus station is in Belur which is 1 km from the temple. Belur bus station is well connected with other Indian cities. You can auto rickshaw or you can even walk.
Airport: The nearest airport is Mangalore (154 km), or Mysore (150 km). Airports are well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the temple.
Private Taxis: As it is very famous tourist destination, you will find many private taxis. If you hire for a day you can cover few more place. 

Distance from nearby Cities

Hasan : 39 km
Bangalore:  220 km
Mysore: 150 km
Chikmagalur: 26 km
Mangalore: 154 km
Shimoga: 123 km

Belur is a very famous tourist destination and you will find many hotels and lodges there. 

Food & Restaurant:
It is in the middle of the city and you will find many restaurant with reasonable price. Many roadside eateries are also available.

Few Photos:

Visit Date: 13 Nov 2022