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Sringeri Sharada Peetham @ Sringeri ( Karnataka )


श्रृंगेरी  शारदा  पीठम , श्रृंगेरी ( कर्नाटक ) 

लम्बिकायोगनिरतं अम्बिकापतिरूपिणम् ।
विद्याप्रदं नमामीशं विद्यातीर्थ महेश्वरम् ॥

Sringeri Sharada Peetham :

Sringeri Sharada Peetham is the first and foremost of the four Peethams established by Sri Adi Shankaracharya to propagate Sanatan Dharma. 
  1. In South : Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Karnataka
  2. In North : Badri Jyotishpeetham, Uttarakhand
  3. In East : Puri Govardhana Peetham, Odisha
  4. In West : Dwaraka Sharada Peetham, Gujrat 
Akshrabhyasa : This is one of the 16 Samskara called Vidyarambh Sanskar also known as Aksharabhyasam. It is performed by couples with young children before starting their education. This ritual is special because the presiding deity Sri Sharadamba is the Goddess of intelligence and knowledge. This is one of the main rituals performed in Peetham.

Vedavyasa : Education about the Vedas are given inside the Gurukul campus. 

It is situated on the banks of the river Tunga amongst the lush green mountain ranges of Sahyadri, Sringeri. 

Please visit the place to feel the Sanatan dharma along with mother nature.

Below are the list of temples within the campus. Each temple has its own festivals and dedicated Sevas.  

Sri Sharadamba temple
  • Navaratri 
  • Chaitra Shukla Poornima
  • Vaisaka Krishna Prathipath
  • Karthika Poornima - Deepotsava
  • Magha Shukla Panchami (Lalitha Panchami)
  • Magha Krishna Dwithiya
  • Magha Trithiya Sri Sharadamba Rathotsava
  • Archana – Ashtotram,Trishati, Sahasranamam, Laksharchana
  • Durga Shata Chandi
  • Dindi Deeparadhana
  • Udayastamana Pooja
  • Suprabhata Seva
  • Swarna Pushpa Seva
  • Aksharabhyas
  • Saraswati Pooja
Sri Torana Ganapati
  • Pradosham
  • Maha Pradosham
  • Panchamrita Abhishekha
  • Archana – Ashtotram and  Sahasranama
  • Panchakajjayya Naivedya
  • Modaka Naivedya – 21/108/1008
  • Swarna Kavacha
  • Pradosha Pooja
Sri Vidyashankara

  • Abhishekha – Ekavara,  Ekadasavara and Shata Rudrabhishekha,  Panchamrita
  • Archana – Ashtotra
  • Navagraha Pooja
Sri Vidya Ganapati
Archana – Ashtotram
Modaka Naivedya – 21/108/1008 nos.

Sri Anjeniya Swamy Temple (Hanuman Temple)
  • Pavamana Abhishekham
  • Vade Sara (Vada Maalaa)
  • Ela Pooja
  • Archana – Ashtothra and Sahasranama
Sri Garuda temple
  • Panchamritha Abhishekha
  • Ashtothara
Sri Janardhana
  • Sri Krishna JansmAshtamai
  • Sri SatyanatayaNa puja (Every Pournami )
  • Utsav Yatra
Sri Vaageeshwari
  • Panchamrita Abhishekha
  • Archana (Ashtothra Sarasranama) 
Sri Balasubrahmanya
  • Subrahmanya Shasti
  • Champa Shasti
  • Pavamanabhishekha
  • Rudrabhishekha
  • Panchamritabhishekha
  • Archana
  • Shatarudrabhishekam
  • deepotsava
Sri Chandramouleeshwara Linga
  • Maha Shivratri
  • Panchamrita Abhishekha
  • Rudrabhishekha
  • Archana
Sri Adi Shankaracharya
  • Rudrabhishekha
  • Panchamrita Abhishekha
  • Archana
Sri Malahanikareshwara
  • Arudradarshanam (December-January)
  • Mahashivaratri(February-March)
  • Rathotsavam(February-March) and
  • Laksha Deepotsavam(November December)
  • Rudrabhishekha – Ekavara,  Ekadasavara,  Shata Rudra
  • Shatarudra Abhishekam is performed every month on every Ekadashi and Arudra nakshatram.
  • Panchamritabhishekha
  • Archana – Ashtothra,  Sahasranama
Sri Sureshwaracharya
  • Panchamritabhishekha
  • Rudrabhishekha
  • Archana
Sri Adhishthanams
  • Panchamrita Abhishekha
  • Ekavara Rudrabhishekha
  • Ashtothara Archana
Sri Malayala Brahma
  • Drishti(evil eyes) and fear
Sri Kodandaramaswami
  • Vasanta Navaratri
  • Sri Rama navami 
Sri Vyasa temple
  • Archana
Sri Kalbhairava temple
  • Archana

VisitingTiming: 06:00 AM to 02:00PM & 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM Everyday. There is slight changes in opening and closing time for each temple.

Best time to visit: All-time. 

Entry Fees:  No for general darshan. You have to pay only if you want to perform some special rituals. Rates for those Sevas and rituals are mentioned on the board there in temple. 

Daily Sevas and Activities
  • Akshrabhyasa 
  • Vedavyasa
  • Anndana

Sri Sharada Peetham
Sringeri, Chickmagalur District, Karnataka – 577139. (India)

Special occasion:
This is a very famous temple and thousands of people visit there every day. Below are some of the occasion while you expect more crowded.
  • Mahashivratri
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Weekends
  • Holidays
Places to visit nearby:
  • Adhishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple
  • Dharmsthala
  • Kukke Subramaniyam temple
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Parking Places: There is huge parking place next to the temple. You have to pay for the parking. 
How to reach : 

Indian Rail: The nearest railway station is in Chikmagalur which is district town and is about 86 km from the temple.  It is well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the temple.
Buses: The nearest main bus station is in Chikmagalur which is about 86 km from the temple.  It is well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the temple. Many buses from different cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, etc go to in Chikmagalur. Sringeri is also directly connected through many cities but bus frequency is less. 
Airport: The nearest airport is in Mangalore which is about 110 km from the temple.  It is well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the temple.
Private Taxis: Sringeri is a small city and you will not find many options. Better to book a taxis for your entire journey so that you can plan for other nearby places. 

Distance from nearby Cities

Hornadu: 43 km
Dharmasthala: 105 km
Kukke : 63 km
Chikmagalur: 86 km
Bangalore:  319 km 
Mysore: 248 km 
Hasan : 138 km
Shimoga: 97 km 
Mangalore: 110 km 
Hubli: 280 km 
Tirupati: 564 km

Sringeri is a very small town but you will find many hotels and lodges there as many tourist visit there every day. You will also find many home stay and resorts in around 5 km. Temple authorities also provide accommodation which is quite cheap. 

Food & Restaurant:
It is in the middle of the small city and you will find many small scale restaurant with reasonable price. Many roadside eateries are also available. Temple also provide free food to every one. Food is very light and delicious. 

Few Photos:

Visit Date: 12 Nov 2022