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Archaeological Museum @ Halebidu, Karnataka


पुरातात्विक संग्रहालय,  हैलेबिडु, ( कर्नाटक ) 

Archaeological Museum @ Halebidu, Karnataka  :

Archaeological Museum is one of the very famous tourist attraction in Halebidu which is situated in front of the Hoysaleswara Temple. It was Established in early 1970s. 

It has more than 1500 sculptures & inscriptions of historical significance which was recovered from in and around Halebidu. Most of the collections in the museum are from 12th - 13th century.

Most of the The sculptures are kept in open or you can say open air museum and few collections are in a closed sculpture gallery. Main attraction here is 18 feet Tirthankara sculpture which was recovered from the ruined tank of one of the Jaina basadis. Other sculptures of importance are Govardhanagiridhari Krishna, Dancing Shiva, Nataraja and Veena Saraswati, dancing Ganesha, etc.

You require minimum a half day time so please visit the place to feel it. 

VisitingTiming: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM ( Friday Holiday)

Best time to visit: All-time. 

Entry Fees:  Rs 5 Per person. They don't accept cash. You have to only pay by digital payment like UPI using QR code.

Archaeological Museum
Halebeedu, Karnataka 573121. (India)

Places to visit nearby:
  • Hoysaleshwara Temple
  • Chennakeshava Temple, Belur
  • Doddagaddavalli.
  • Yagachi Dam.
  • Halebidu.
  • Belavadi.
  • Archaeological Museum.
  • Ermai Waterfall.
Parking Places: There is huge parking place next to the temple. You have to pay for the parking Rs. 50 for 24 Hrs. 
How to reach : 

Indian Rail: The nearest railway station is in Chikmagalur (35 km) or Hasan (32 km). Railway stations are well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the place.
Buses: The nearest main bus station is in Halebidu which is less than 1 km from the place. It is well connected with other Indian cities. You can auto rickshaw or you can even walk.
Airport: The nearest airport is Mangalore (169 km), or Mysore (143 km). Airports are well connected with other Indian cities. You can catch an either bus or hire taxis to reach the Place.
Private Taxis: As it is very famous tourist destination, you will find many private taxis. If you hire for a day you can cover few more place. 

Distance from nearby Cities

Hasan : 32 km
Bangalore:  210 km
Mysore: 143 km
Chikmagalur: 35 km
Mangalore: 169 km
Shimoga: 122 km

Halebidu is a very famous tourist destination and you will find few hotels and lodges there. You will find many accommodation in Belur which is just 16 km from Halebidu. 

Food & Restaurant:
It is in the middle of a small city and you will find few restaurant with reasonable price. Many roadside eateries are also available.

Few Photos:

Visit Date: 13 Nov 2022